Reasons why LOBM exists:

high priestThe Sanctuary Service Message Needs To Be Restored Fully in Adventism
The Little Open Book Ministry is made up of a core group of conscientious Seventh-Day Adventists who believe that the sanctuary service message as entrusted to the Advent movement by divine appointment needs to be restored to the forefront of its theology and practice, if it is to succeed in its mission and purpose for being.

The Prophecy of Dan 8:14 Unsealed
LOBM believes that the once-sealed prophecy of Daniel 8:14 calling for the cleansing of the heavenly sanctuary at the termination of the 2,300 literal years in the time of the end, has been unsealed by the mighty angel of Revelation 10. As such, there is now a call for a proclamation of that glorious message worldwide as part of the finishing of the mystery of God–the closing work of the Gospel.

Christ’s Final Atonement
LOBM believes that the cleansing of the heavenly sanctuary announced in Dan 8:14, constitutes Christ’s final work for the church-that is, to make a full and final atonement, in line with the typical yearly service of the Mosaic tabernacle on the Day of Atonement (Lev 16:30).  

A Work of Investigative Judgment in Progress. . .
A work of investigative judgment precedes this work of final cleansing to determine who among professed Christians are entitled to the benefits of Christ’s final atonement (Dan 7:9-14).

The Antitypical Day of Atonement
LOBM believes that the antitypical Day of Atonement has arrived in the unsealing of the messages of Daniel 8:14 in Revelation 10, and that Jesus as High Priest now ministers in the second apartment of the heavenly sanctuary to perform His final ministration.

The Three Angels’ Messages
LOBM believes that the imperative to announce the message about the cleansing of the heavenly sanctuary in Daniel 8:14 is the one compelling reason behind the end-time proclamation of the everlasting gospel and the hour of judgment messages of Revelation 14.

Advancing Light of Present Truth
LOBM realizes that the great system of truth for this hour is an advancing light that requires constant study and thorough investigation.

LOBM Not an Offshoot Movement
The Little Open Book Ministry is not an offshoot movement. It does not support any calls for members of the Seventh-day Adventist church to come out of her, in order to be affiliated with certain independent movements.

LOBM is strongly committed to the duly constituted Seventh-day Adventist church and supports it with its tithes and offerings.