Until I went into the sanctuary of God, then understood I their end.

Thy way O God, is in the Sanctuary.


The Sanctuary Service Series

The Sanctuary Service Series is a set of 70 Bible studies on the subject of the sanctuary and other related truths. These studies bring out more prominently the work of Jesus,  our merciful High Priest in the heavenly sanctuary, to prepare a people to stand the tests and trials of the time of the end.

Meat in Due Season Series

The Meat in Due Season Series is a make-over of the original Sanctuary Service Series and contains additional studies, numerous insight not found in the original Sanctuary Service Series. There are currently 40 studies in the set.



Divergent Views on the Sanctuary

The Divergent Views on the Sanctuary series is a set of Bible studies by Henry Cha dealing with the major objections being put forth against the Sanctuary message as taught by Seventh-day Adventists.


ARME Bible Camp presentations

October 19-22, 2016 (Nosoca Pines Ranch, South Carolina)

The Sanctuary Service Part 1 (Oct 20, Thursday)

The Sanctuary Service Part 2 (Oct 20, Thursday)

The Great Controversy (Oct 21, Friday)

The Great Disappointment (Oct 22, Sabbath sermon)

Featured Studies

The Cross and the Atonement

Find out how the cross is being used as a “gospel straightjacket” to prevent believers from beholding Jesus as High Priest in the heavenly sanctuary and from following Him in His final ministration there.

The Theme of Greatest Importance

What is the theme of greatest importance? You don’t  know until you have listened to this interesting and thought-provoking sermon.

The Throne of His Father David

Why was Jesus told by His Father to sit at His right hand when He ascended to heaven (Heb 1:13), when in fact, He had been promised the throne of His Father David (Luke 1:31-32)?

Think Straight About the Investigative Judgment

This study places the unique Adventist doctrine of the investigative judgment in the context of the final ministration of Jesus in the heavenly sanctuary and takes the fear out of it.

The Day of Atonements

This sermon presents the Day of the Atonement in a fresh light and will help you understand and appreciate it better.

The Everlasting Gospel

The gospel of righteousness by faith is examined in the light of the final ministration of Jesus in the heavenly sanctuary and given an end-time setting.